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Timo Böcking DieDrei

DieDrei- a trio that manages to defy genres. The musicians' roots are in jazz, hip hop, and pop - perhaps therein lies the reason why their music can be appreciated even by those who would not consider themselves average consumers of jazz and instrumental music. DieDrei combines the finesse of jazz with the accessibility of pop, which leads to a unique fusion of musical genres. As well as groove-based songs that follow the hip hop and funk aesthetic, they also write virtuosic and complex compositions that twist and turn harmonically and rhythmically throughout the arrangements. They manage to transport the listener to a different place, and tell a story entirely without using words. The incorporation of electronic textures further serves to expand the trio's soundscape. Perhaps it is the eclectic musical roots of these three gentlemen that makes their music sound just like it does - perhaps this energetic, cinematic jazz fusion doesn't need to be explained, but simply experienced.